You wanna see how the TV market continues to push prices down?  Compare a 65 inch 4K/UHD TV from 2 and a half years ago to today.  And when you do it, make sure you are comparing Apples with Apples.

Today, Kogan announced a new range of Agora Smart 4K Tvs, and they’ve thrown down a cracking great price.

In late 2014, the Kogan 4K 65 inch TV was $1,599.

Today, a Hisense at JB will set you back $2,000 – a store brand like Soniq will be $999.

Kogan’s 65 incher will be $899.  For the 55 inch model you’ll pay $499, and a 49 inch model $429.

The 55 inch model may be the pick of the bunch with a 120Hz refresh rate which makes it better for faster moving pictures, but – regardless, there’s some amazing value here.

Ruslan Kogan is pretty chuffed too “For over a decade we’ve been committed to making the latest technology more affordable. In 2007, this meant a 46” dumb thick LCD TV for $2999 which was the first time the $3000 barrier was broken for such a TV. Today, we’re launching a bigger, better, thinner Smart LED TV for $429. It’s a true sign of how far we’ve come and we’re honoured to be able to delight our customer base of over a million Aussies in this way,”

Web: Kogan (49, 55, 65)