To promote the upcoming release of Fortnite season 5, developer Epic Games has been bringing props from the game into the real world! A few days ago, photographer Sela Shiloni posted this tweet while wandering through the desert in California;

He had stumbled upon the Durr Burger mascot from the game Fortnite. Not too long after the Durr Burger discovery, Twitter user @A2K_Kilo posted a series of tweets, including this one of supposed coordinates given to him by a ‘secret agent’:

Reddit detectives immediately got on the case and not too long after the tweet went up, this post surfaced with different suggestions as to what these could be used for;

Now it appears that Epic Games are hiding messages that Reddit users are uncovering using spectrogram analysis… This is insane… If there was any proper way to advertise and promote an upcoming event in your game – this would be it.

As it turns out, there was more than a Durr Burger hiding out there. Over the last few days, life sized piñata’s of Fortnite’s Loot Llamas have surfaced across Europe! A total have 6 (at the time of writing) have appeared across;

  • Warsaw, Poland.
  • London, UK.
  • Barcelona, Spain.
  • Cologne, Germany.
  • Paris, France.
  • Cannes, France.

Now while I’m just one man and can’t keep this article completely up to date, the devoted individuals of the subreddit ‘r/gamedetectives’ are working alongside the dream team at ‘r/fortnitebr’ to create a megathread that is being updated as new developments are made. Check it out!