“Advanced reservation is required for all aircraft prior to arrival” – that’s the warning from Private Jet operators this weekend as the rich and famous descend on Las Vegas airport for the fight of the year.

While Mayweather and McGregor themselves will be assured a parking spot for their jets when they fly in, if you’re a last minute traveller loaded with cash you might need to reflect on the last big flight – Remember this:

Well officials reckon the same thing is likely this weekend.

If you can afford the $100,000 ringside seat price, then it’s likely you can afford a private jet to take you there.

Andy Christie, Group Director of Private Jets at Air Charter Service tells us “Private jets are expected to be the preferred mode of transport for a relatively high percentage of the 18,000-strong crowd. We are certainly flying in more than we did two years ago – at the last count, we had aircraft booked for around four times as many people.

“For the fight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd 2015, dubbed the ‘fight of the century’ at the time, the airports were jam-packed. Photos of McCarran Airport went viral as the taxiway had to be used as a parking lot for private jets. According to industry figures, provided by WingX, there were almost 500 arrivals on private aircraft on the 1st and 2nd May 2015 at McCarran and the three smaller airports serving Las Vegas – compared to 121 on the same dates in 2016 and 136 earlier this year.”

And the airport too is taking demand into consideration, McCarran airport spokeswoman, Christine Crews, said: “We’re trying to be better prepared [than two years ago] and improve the guest experience”.

For the filthiest of filthy rich, a private Jet from Sydney to Las Vegas would set you back $200,000.

If you’re just trying to show off, get yourself to LAX and drop $15,000 to get your private charter jet to the big fight.