This year has flown by and it feels like just last week we were dressed as 80’s tennis players strutting our best mo. Well, it’s time again to clean that face up and let the mo grow again.

To help us with some tips on shaping our best mo this year we’ve consulted the assistance from Jules Tognini who is the Philips shaving and grooming ambassador. Here are some of his tips:

Growing your first moustache
Let your moustache grow for at least three weeks before giving up on it. By this time, you will have enough hair on your upper lip to start styling. It’s important to keep the rest of your face groomed during this period to lessen the scruffy look. For any stray hairs, try keeping them in place with moustache wax. If they’re uncontrollable, pull them out.

Suit your mo’ to your face shape
From traditional moustaches to the established Dali, moustache and beard combos beard to a moustache with a goatee, there are many different styles that you can achieve with your lip brow – the important thing is choosing one that’s right for you! Find an image of a celebrity with a moustache who has a similar face shape and keep it in mind.

Moustache maintenance
Make sure you’re equipped with small trimming scissors, a razor, gentle face wash, moustache wax or gel, a mini comb and a precision razor such as the Philips Laser Beard Trimmer for a precise, symmetrical trim every time. As your moustache grows the hair starts to lengthen longer than your upper lip, moustache wax will be critical in achieving your desired shape. Key tip here is to train your moustache overnight. After you have showered and washed your moustache with a gentle moustache wash, comb and style using wax.

Styles for the established ‘tache
If you already have a well-groomed and luscious moustache, why not use Movember to try a fresh look? The Brooklyn Bartender, also known as the handle bar moustache but with extra curl, is great for those who know how to maintain keep their mo’ under control. Alternatively, try the Imperial moustache. Perfect for those with thick facial hair and without curls, this moustache will involve training your hair to go against nature, much like an Emperor would!