This could be the most Australian thing you might see on Australia Day – other than the bogan Australian Flag side-mirror covers for your car – Aussie beer Wingman delivered to you while you relax on your boat on Australia Day.

Yep, the Wingman Brewing Company, just a baby itself having launched in October last year has decided to put on a delivery service on the harbour this Australia Day.

So, if you’re in need of an urgent beer delivery, no need to head back to the shore and send someone on a hunt to the nearest bottle-o, you can simply text the folk at Wingman and they’ll bring a carton to you.

The beer will be ice cold and at $49.95 a case it’s the same as you’d pay at the bottle shop!

Wingman’s clear bottled “clean larger” has clear remidner under the cap telling you how many standard drinks you’re about to down, plus, to check its ready to drink the label changes colour when it’s at the right temperature.

Their slogan is “Fly Safe. Drink Responsibly” – sounds like a plan, this Australia day, safe boating, enjoy your day and if you are in need of some cold ones, text Wingman on 0405 561 169