Razor, a brand synonymous with scooters for both kids and adults alike. This year at CES they have announced a new range of scooters but it was the Razor Turbo Jetts that captured the show and I predict will be the hot ticket item for next Christmas.

Strapping an 80 watt, gear driven heel wheels and you get an incredible boost to any pair of shoes. Capable of travelling at 16km/h, these are guaranteed to be a stack of fun once you get the hang of them. No remote control is required, instead using an integrated pressure-sensitive power control system with enough power to keep you rolling for 30 minutes.

The shoe straps just click over your existing shoe and anyone up to an adult size 12 can get these on their feet. Only one of the shoe straps comes with the powered motor to ensure even control.

The Razor Turbo Jetts look like a stack of fun but putting my parent’s hat on for a moment, could result in some broken bones, so get plenty of practice before going flat out.

They are coming soon to Toys R Us.