Renovating the bathroom?  Need a new mirror? Sure, you could pop down to Bunnings and grab a big new mirror for well under $200 – or – you could convince the wife that what you really need is a smart mirror – and push that budget up to more like $1,500.

That’s right, in fact $1,699 currently discounted to $1,374.00.  The Embrace Smart Mirror is an Aussie invention, the company founded by Steven Baxt who has been working on this idea for over three years.

It’s not the first we’ve seen – but it’s the most commercially ready and consumer ready product yet.

The whole unit is an 800x600mm mirror, with a 23.6 inch touch screen component in the middle.  This area looks like a normal mirror when it’s off – but when activated an Android Tablet interface appears.

Now, while also seeing your reflection, you can watch Netflix or Stan, look at the weather, see your calendar.

The Calendar thing appeals to me, the idea that while doing your hair you can see what’s coming in the day is great.  Problem is that’s a 1 minute job, so hardly a good use of this huge investment.

Perhaps while you’re shaving?

Well, perhaps one for the ladies.  But also remember Android can be voice controlled.  This means you can ask it about the weather or the traffic at any time too which might just come in handy when getting ready for work.

There’s a camera built-in too, for party ready selfies, and hopefully nothing else untoward in the bathroom using that camera.

Anyway – great idea, well executed but man o man that price – can’t see it being a big seller, but it’s a great start.

Web: Embrace