Just a month ago at CES Samsung was all about the huge TV – the Wall TV and we’re seeing a trend toward bigger and bigger TVs across the market. In Rome today Samsung have announced a new model of their popular Frame TV – and it’s smaller.

Most people are looking to buy 65 inch TVs and there’s a trend toward 75 inches now too – but the new Samsung Frame TV will be a 43 inch panel with all the bells and whistles of the 55 inch and 65 inch offerings on the market.

Samsung knows the market here, they describe this as being “ideal for bedrooms or secondary TV display areas” because outside the lounge-room it’s pretty hard to fit a 65 incher!

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Frame TV is a normal TV, same high quality picture – but instead of being a boring black screen when it’s off – the Frame TV displays content from artists or your own pictures, and it adjusts the brightness to match the natural light and has motion sensors so when you’re not looking – it does turn off:)

“Australia’s response to The Frame has been phenomenal and its success is a testament to the value of Samsung’s ongoing work to innovate with purpose,” said Hass Mahdi, head of product, AV, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“Ideal for the bedroom or kitchen, The Frame 43-inch gives Australians more options as to where in their home they enjoy the seamless partnering of a premium entertainment experience with stunning art and design.”

The 43 inch Frame TV is available now from Samsung online, as well as David Jones and Harvey Norman.  It’s $1000 cheaper than the 55 inch model at $1,799.

The 55 inch retails for $2,799 and the 65 inch for $4,199.  The customisable frames in white, beige and walnut cost $199 for the 43 inch, and $299 for the 55 and 65 inch.

There is also a new Black frame coming later in the year, as well as a smaller Frame TV again – though Australian availability of those products is not yet confirmed.


Trevor Long traveled to Rome to attend Samsung Forum as a guest of Samsung Australia.