Let the games begin. Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon Prime here in Australia – their subscription based membership program that offers bonus shopping and content deals all year round.

There’s a 30 day free trial of course, and an introductory price until 31 January 2019. The promo prince is $4.99 per month, after that it will be $6.99 or $59 per year if paid in advance.

That’s more than eBay’s membership program, but Amazon would say it offers more too – with benefits not just for shoppers but also content like Amazon Prime Video their Netflix and Stan-like streaming service.

The real deal is as soon as two business day delivery to nearly 90% of Aussie homes.

“We hope that Australians will love free two business day delivery on products from Amazon Australia and free international delivery on products from Amazon U.S., all available to customers on Amazon.com.au,” says Jamil Ghani, Vice President, Prime International, Amazon.

“We are really proud to bring Australians the most extensive set of Prime benefits at launch for any country – ever. This is just the beginning for Prime in Australia, as we will keep making Prime better, adding even more selection and benefits.”

In a follow up to their banning of Aussies from buying stuff from the US .com site and shipping to their home address from July, this announcement also features free “international delivery” on orders over $49 for products sold from Amazon in the US but listed in their Aussie store.

There’s no breakdown of products, or quantification of the scale of the products eligible for the local up to two day delivery time, needless to say Amazon are pushing brands like Breviile, Huggies, Bonds and Disney to get people interested.

As a Prime member you get access to:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Amazon Prime Reading
  • Twitch Prime
  • Amazon Exclusive Deals
  • Discounted Priority Delivery
  • Alexa Shopping
  • Release Date Delivery on special products like video games.

It’s a must-win battle for Amazon, who are up against strong competition in Australia with eBay dominating followed by Gumtree.

Time will tell how Aussies respond to this new service, but we’re a pretty rusted on loyal bunch, so they’ve certainly got some work ahead of them.