Aussies were among the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who didn’t just express an interest in the newly announced Tesla Model 3 back in 2016, they put their money down to secure a place in the queue to own one – all without ever seeing the car in the flesh.  Now over 850 days later their chance has come, with a Tesla Model 3 about to go on display in Australia.

Every Aussie on the reservation list will receive an invitation this morning to come and see first hand a left-hand drive version of the Model 3 which will be on display in the Martin Place Tesla store in Sydney’s CBD, Another one will be in Melbourne’s Chadstone store, and Brisbane’s main store in Fortitude Valley.

New Zealanders get their chance first before Australia – on Wednesday 15th.

Earlier this year when we saw the Model 3 on display at a Tesla Store in Los Angeles there was a lengthy queue to get just a minute in the car – so expect plenty of Aussie’s on the list to wave their magic ticket to get their chance to sit in the Model 3 when it’s available next week.

The car goes on show from Tuesday the 21st of August at 9am with those on “the list” able to RSVP to pop down and see it any time that day until 6pm.

The event RSVP does not allow you to pick a time either, and specifies “There are no set appointment times, please join the queue when you arrive” – to it’s first in best dressed and we expect a queue around the block!

We assume that from Wednesday it will be open slather to the general public.  There’s no clear details of how long you’ll get to see the car, but rest assured there’s going to be a lot of people, so the time will be short.

Question is how many Aussies have already cancelled their reservation?  That we’ll never know.  The bigger question is when will the right-hand-drive Tesla Model 3 be made?  Again – we really don’t know – here’s hoping it’s in 2019 – though that could mean the first one is delivered on December 31 2019 – here’s hoping it’s sooner than that.

Don’t even start me on the question of how much it will cost – it’s unlikely any of these questions will be answered next week.

We’ll see if Andreas Stephens will be there:)