JBL has launched its own smart display with Google Assistant, which by my count is the fourth such product to arrive over the last couple of months. The JBL Link View joins the Google Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display with Google smarts built in. The other on the market is the Amazon Echo Show that uses Alexa. So what advantage does the JBL have over the others? Well it mostly come comes down to sound.

The Link View features an 8-inch high-definition display that also acts as a touch screen. Unlike the smaller Google Home Hub, it features a 5-megapixel camera, handy for making video calls via Google Duo. Given JBL’s world renowned audio talents I can tell you that the sound quality is easily the best I’ve heard from one of these displays.

There’s two front-firing stereo speakers and a rear based small subwoofer. As a result, there’s a surprising level of deep bass. Aside from being a smart display this is also a legitimate alternative for a decent Bluetooth speaker.

Marcus Fry, the boss of JBL Australia said, “When we launched the LINK series last year it represented a major milestone for us, as the first voice-activated, multi-room speakers to use the Google Assistant and deliver Grammy® award-winning JBL sound,”

“Research shows voice activated speakers are no mere novelty. Sixty percent of owners now consider them a necessity. By continuing to enhance their experience by adding HD display with a touch screen and a front-facing camera, people will find even more ways to make these speakers.”

Like all other Google smart displays on the market the JBL Link View can showcase your picture album, stream or cast audio and video via a built-in Chromecast and has the ability to answer all the questions you’d normally expect Google to have the answer to. But most importantly it acts as a hub to control all your smart devices like lights, fans or even the kettle.

The overall design sets it apart from other displays on the market, with a flattened oval shape. I just feel the screen could be a tad bigger. But then again, I’ve become accustomed to the 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display.

If sound reproduction is what you’re after you can’t go wrong the JBL Link View. It’s on sale now at selected retailers with an RRP of $349.96. Head to www.jbl.com.au for more details.