Bloody hell I love the look of the Microsoft Surface Studio.  This beast with the 28 inch almost square screen bends every rule of computer design – and it’s great.

When the second iteration of the Surface Studio arrived in the office, it was entirely familiar.  In fact, nothing has changed.

On closer inspection, there’s a USB-C connection on the back – but just one.  That’s my first sign of disappointment, in 2018, USB-C is all the rage, but Microsoft are fighting the trend – strangely.

Moving past that glaring issue, all the changes here are under the hood.  More power, better graphics, and most importantly – SSD all round. Boot times are fast, app loading times are fast, it’s a huge leap forward from the hybrid style in the first generation.

Screen brightness is reportedly improved, though without the original side by side I can’t speak to the real impact of that change, it does look great though.

The tall 4:3 aspect screen is enormous, but I do feel like I’m lacking something not being a wider screen – strange, but it was a consistent feeling.  I would love to see a Surface Studio Widescreen version.

Are you sitting down?  Best to pull up a seat.  The cheapest Studio 2 is $5,499 – it’s a Core i7 with 1TB hard drive and 16GB RAM, up the RAM to 32 and you’re at $6,599 – up that Hard Drive to 2TB and you’re at $7,499 – Wow. Just Wow.

With the same familiar tilting screen it’s a designers dream.  As a desk worker, I’d like for the screen to be able to be lowered while still vertical – the hinge is a design joy.

The price, the lack of USB-C and the price – that’s the disappointment here, but if I was a graphic designer – I’d still want it over anything else out there.

Interacting with design software using the Stylus on the touch-screen when tilted down to almost desk-level is just the perfect setup.

Tell your boss you want one.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Microsoft Surface Studio 2″ rev_body=”A designers dream, and a design icon. More power, same stunning look – just lacking in a couple of areas.” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2018-11-16″ user_review=”4.4″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]