Heading into Christmas customers of prepaid mobile telcos Amaysim, Boost and Kogan are in for a bonus as data limits increase on most plans – particularly the higher paying plans.

Boost Mobile now top out at 52GB of data for $70, Amaysim at 60GB data for $60, and Kogan’s top plan jumps to 40GB for just under $50.

Kogan’s commitment to customers continues as they include their new data limits in pre-existing plans for customers who paid 90-365 days in advance.

The data limit for Kogan at $37 is 20GB, and for $30 now 13GB.

Amaysim is offering 40GB for $50, 20GB for $40, and 10GB for $30.

Over at Boost $50 gets you 32GB, $40 gets you 22 and $30 gets you 12.

They’re an interesting mix of telcos, operating on the three major networks Optus (Amaysim), Telstra (Boost) and Vodafone (Kogan), while the real value comes when you stack their prepaid expiry dates up, with Kogan offering 30 day expiry meaning you’re going to recharge almost an entire extra time per year on Amaysim and Boost.