Signify formally known as Philips Lighting is the world leader in lighting. Now the company has announced two new additions to the Philips Hue range, Hue white & colour ambiance candle (E14) and Hue white ambiance spot (GU10).

The E14 and GU10 style lights will add to the existing range of globes, lighting strips, bloom lights and Philips Hue Go. The ambiance spot is designed with your wellbeing in mind, the light can be adjusted through a range spanning warm to cool.

The Hue white & colour ambiance candle is best suited to lamps I guess, with a wide spectrum of light colours that you can pre-set for different times of the day. The new Hue products as usual can be run via the Philips Hue app and personal assistants such as Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant.

Sam Dearden, Consumer Channel Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand, “The introduction of Hue White and Colour Candle and Hue White Ambiance spot lights mark the next move in creating seamless integration in every room in the home. With smart lighting intelligent enough to improve the overall lifestyles of Australians, these new variants allow more freedom and control over the ambiance in the home.”

You’ll just need to get your hands-on Philips Hue Bridge. Once you get that going you can add up to 50 lights throughout your home. The Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance E14 Candle single bulb is on sale for $69. The GU10 spot light will set you back $89, the bridge itself retails for $89. Look for them at retailers such as Harvey Norman.