Running is one of the cheapest and most accessible sports there is. All you need is a pair of shoes and off you go. Unfortunately, it’s also a sport that carries with it one of the highest risk of injury, especially if you’re just starting out or getting back into it after a long break. Often the best way to reduce the risk of injury is by running with a proper technique. But without hiring a running coach, the options of assassin your technique is limited – until now.

We got a first look this week at a cutting-edge AI-powered solution, ochy. Ochy is designed to transform your running game from high risk of injury to running free and powerful within seconds. 

The process is simple – you capture a video of yourself in action, simply jogging around a park or sprinting on your local track. In less than 30 seconds, the ochy app dissects your run and then offers insights that were once reserved for athletes. 

Whether it’s aiming for a 5K, achieving your first marathon or just running for fitness and fun, this app will help you achieve any milestone – injury free!

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