Turn your Cricket bat into a smart bat with the StanceBeam Striker

The cricket season is heating up and today marks the launch of an exciting piece of technology that cricketers young and old will love to get their hands on. It’s the StanceBeam Striker smart cricket bat sensor and they have teamed up with well known cricket brand Kookaburra to bring it to Australia.

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A similar product was originally announced at the 2017 Champions Trophy with a partnership between Specular and Intel. The product was used at the Champions Trophy but it never actually came to the market. The Striker is the first cricket bat sensor to be available for purchase.

We are used to seeing many uses of technology on the tv coverage but this product will bring usable analytics to players, coaches and fans. The Striker is attached to the top of the cricket bat and turns a regular bat into a smart bat. The 3D sensor connects through an app available on iOS and Android and through the in-built sensors it analyses bat speed, 3D swing analysis, Power Index and Shot Efficiency all in real time.

Expect to see some deals done with the many broadcasters around the world to see this technology brought into the lounge room.

The StanceBeam Striker is available as of today at the RRP of $249.95.

Turn your Cricket bat into a smart bat with the StanceBeam Striker
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1 Comment

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