Ladies and gentlemen please hold onto something steady as you read through some of the huge claims being made by Alienware in regards to the Area-51m, they might shock you a little. We have to start first and foremost with the power. That big claim of worlds first “true desktop replacement” means two things – it has some serious technical capability and is in at least some regard customizable/upgradeable.

The Area-51m wil be the first gaming laptop to be built with 9th gen-Intel processors, which means it has the capability to support 8-cores and will manage all graphics cards up to the RTX 2080. Not sure how much you’ll have to option up to get to the 2080 but it’s nice to know it has the ability.

As far as upgradeability is concerned, Alienware are boasting that the Area-51m is the most upgradeable gaming laptop in the world – with the ability to manually switch out the CPU and GFX card.

The Alienware Command Center is back and better than ever in this laptop with the ability to overclock the CPU, GPU and set fan speeds and RAM performance. All of these settings can be saved into user profiles for the gamer that is forced to… share. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

The Alienware Area-51m will be on shelves for $3,999 and available in-stores and online from January 30th.