A lot of the products we cover here at EFTM are for the punter – the consumer that’s looking for the latest and greatest TV, phone or car, but Intel are a company that are focused significantly more on what goes on INSIDE those devices. If you don’t care for super nerdy component news – tune out now.

One of their big announcements this year at CES was advancements to small form factor motherboards and Hybrid CPU architecture in the form of client platform ‘Lakefield’ that looks a little like this;

The hybrid nature of this breaks down simply into one main CPU and four smaller CPU’s in order to spread the processing load;

They also teased something they’ve been working on by the name of ‘Project Athena’ that is geared toward developing the next generation of laptops in the 5G and AI space.

The ‘Athena’ spec will exclusively use Intel CPU’s (inclusive of their new ‘Ice Lake’ 10nm architecture) and will pave the way for the laptops of 2019 – however won’t be seen until the second half of 2019.

And while that was about it for the consumer, Intel also showed off some serious products for corporate such as the 48-core data processing CPU they’re calling ‘Cascade Lakes’. These will be found in data processing centers and server farms the world over to significantly increase processing speeds.