Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos isn’t as well known for his Space dreams as fellow entrepreneur Elon Musk – but make no mistake, he has visions of a universal future not just here on Earth.

So when Amazon announces a new event to bring together the brightest minds in robotos, artificial intelligence and space – little wonder they called it re:MARS.

In this case MARS stands for Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space. The invite-only event will gather some bright minds together to discuss all things super smart – but also expose Amazon to some of those very same minds perhaps to tap into for future endeavours.

And while the long game for Bezos might be in Space – the short term benefits from Machine Learning and Automation will be found within the Amazon Consumer shopping business. If they focus on not just disrupting the existing bricks and mortar retail world, but their own business – big things might just happen.

re:MARS happens in June in Las Vegas, expect it to become an annual event.