There aren’t many more headline grabbing topics right now than the US/Mexico Border Wall. So, little surprise to see a company use it as bait for self-promotion really is there?

Aussie based Ninox Robotics reckon around a dozen of their drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – or UAVs) could cover the entire border at 1% of the cost of the wall each year.

The idea is to stream real-time LIVE images from the drones using thermal imaging technology back to US Border Officers.

Ninox boss Marcus Ehrlrich said “As General Patton once said, ‘fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man’,”

“It’s 2019 and there are smarter, better, cheaper ways of solving difficult problems like securing the US-Mexico border.”

“Walls don’t have eyes, are difficult to manoeuvre and are very hard to upgrade, not to mention the exorbitant cost to build and maintain as well as appropriation of private land. Drones can cover large areas, are difficult to spot, impossible to tunnel under and even harder to jump over,” Ehrlich continued. “But most importantly, they are incredibly effective surveillance tools.”

“Beyond the efficacy, this drone solution would have an annual cost of around 1% of the proposed border wall build cost and would capture the entire border in its remit,” he said.

The US/Mexico Border near San Diego

All well and good mate, but Surveillance doesn’t stop the people – the proposed solution doesn’t analyse just how much extra work and cost would be required on the ground to act on the things the drones see.

And let’s be honest, Trump isn’t about to backflip and change his whole plan – so yeah – good headline, great work building drones lads.