We certainly get around the globe here at EFTM, you may well think any excuse to get out of EFTM HQ is the reason. But there’s a number of key events each year that are a must, be it technology or car related.

The boys on the way to CES

We kick off the year with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES), the world’s largest technology show. Later in the year we make our way to Berlin for IFA, another tech-related show that is very similar to CES but with more of a focus on appliances. In actual fact IFA is much larger in terms of attendance but smaller on overall floor space.

Bowen in Berlin

Of course, Trevor then finds himself at various other events through the year, such as Apple and Samsung events for example. Bowen could end up anywhere in the world or domestically for car launches.

But now we find ourselves in Barcelona the Mobile World Congress (MWC). For those in the dark this is the largest mobile event in the world. There are 2,400 leading companies here covering the hottest topics, the biggie this year being 5G.

Along with the big players in the mobile world automakers also make their way here. Big guns such as BMW, Daimler, Tesla, Toyota and Volkswagen will discuss everything from connected vehicles to AI assistants and mobility.

Some of the sights in Barcelona

It may sound like an obscure event, but there are plenty of heavy hitters here. So over the coming days expect plenty of news from the EFTM team on the ground from the beautiful city that is Barcelona. But yes, we have done a tad bit of sightseeing first.