Commence the nerdification of your kids early with the Star Trek feeding system

How is it that the genius minds over at ThinkGeek seem to create the exact products for nerdy fathers to buy for their kids. Like the new Star Trek Enterprise Light Up Feeding System, which will have grown men pretending to be Captain Kirk again the whole world over.

Consisting of a baby spoon in the shape of the original USS Enterprise, complete with LED lights, and a motion-sensitive light up bib, the feeding system does everything it can to attract a young child’s attention during food time, while keeping dad interested enough by recreating space battles from the original series.

The set comes with three different spoon attachments – all dishwasher safe – while the bib and Enterprise can be washed down with a damp cloth. For $US25, it may not be the cheapest bib set you’ll buy, but it will certainly give your kids an early appreciation of the Star Trek universe.

Price: $US25
Web: ThinkGeek
Via: Gizmodo

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