The team at Arcade1Up have one upped themselves. Fresh from some cool old school arcade machines, they’re bringing the Infinity Game Table to Australia – but it comes at a price!

The Gamesmen have it listed for pre-order at $1,999 – ouch, but in reality, great price given what I can be.

This thing is a small table, the legs can be removed to be sat on an existing table, and on it is a touch-screen computer ready to play games.

But this isn’t PacMan or Space Invaders and such, this is Monopoly, Connect4, and so much more.

We haven’t reviewed it yet, but we suspect the huge library of games will double as an App Store, so they’ll come at a price, but expect the games to be under $20 I’d say.

Imagine playing Scrabble or Monopoly, but not being able to flip the board and create a mess – instead the new tantrum might be the power button!

Looks the goods, can’t wait to get a look!

Check it out, or pre-order yours now!