Promotional giveaways are a great way to entice people to buy one product over another, and normally the enticement is a small item, or requires a large number of purchases to redeem.

Not so it seems with Southern Comfort. In an effort to stand out in those big box bottle shops that are on every other corner, they’re giving away a pair of shoes with the purchase of a 10 pack of Cans.

So you buy a 10 Pack of Southern Comfort & Cola ($39 RRP), and then there’s a redemption coupon which gets you a set of classic green and gold two-tone Volleys.

Southern Comfort’s Senior Brand Manager, Emma Fogarty explains: “Southern Comfort & Cola cans are already a crowd favourite at Aussie gatherings thanks to the approachable and easy-drinking taste.

Heading out of Summer, we wanted to give Aussies the chance to slip into some new kicks and enjoy a couple of drinks with some mates. Volley are the perfect partner for our brand, with their retro-cool factor and instantly
recognisable designs.”

Over at Volley, their Marketing Manager Samuel Despotidis says, “Like Southern Comfort, Volley has gone through somewhat of a reinvention in the last few years injecting a new look and feel, new styles and a refreshed online presence boosted by some famous supporters propelling Volley back in to the spotlight. While there has been change, the iconic brand continues to be engrained in Australia’s very DNA. Volley is more than a shoe, it’s a part of Australian folklore, much like Southern Comfort is rooted in New Orleans.”

The promo runs until the 1st of June, there’s 30,000 pairs of Volley’s up for grabs simply by taking the unique code (we assume that’s on the inside of the specially marked 10 pack of Southern Comfort and Cola) and heading to Volley to redeem your shoes!

There’s a catch. “Claimants must pay $9.95 including GST postage and handling payment for delivery of the gift.” 

So your overall investment is more than the shoes once you factor in delivery:)

Still – Crazy really. And hey, drink responsibly – you don’t have to smash down the cans to get the shoes, take your time, the shoes might arrive before you’ve finished the 10 pack!