Many people are probably still in the dark over the brand Polestar. But the electric performance brand for Volvo is now closer to seeing the light of day with full production getting closer.

The brands first vehicle the Polestar 1 which is an Electric Performance Hybrid has hit a new landmark at its Production Centre in Chengdu, China. Currently the factory is producing final protype cars before pre-production then customer production cars are built. 

Polestar Boss, Thomas Ingenlath, says: “It’s great to see how we have progressed from showing the Polestar 1 for the first time in 2017, to now having our beautiful new manufacturing facility up and running with the TT cars being tested in and around the plant,” 

Around 50 prototype cars have been produced so far, as the brand irons out any issues. 

“Now we enable our loyal customers to secure their final specification for their car, knowing that we are going to give them an awesome GT that is built to the highest levels of quality, fit and finish” saidThomas Ingenlath.

I get the feeling that this car is going to be a massive hit. With the backing and knowledge from Volvo it’s bound to be a very high quality car. The Chengdu factory is due to be inaugurated later in 2019.