Those living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney are in luck if they own or plan to buy an electrified car. Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick councils have become trailblazers by being the first councils in NSW to install public on-street EV charging stations.

Locations include Bondi Beach, Double Bay, Coogee Beach and Randwick, with Bondi Junction and Maroubra scoring stations in the not to distant future. This project which drew some fanfare when unveiled at Bondi Beach with Mayor’s including Randwick’s Kathy Neilson, Waverley’s John Wakefield and Woollahra’s Peter Cavanagh in attendance.

Mr everywhere and EV owner, Osher Günsberg was also there alongside industry representatives.

The deal was a resulut of a partnership with EV charger provider JETCharge who will install and manage the stations.

Waverley Mayor, John Wakefield, said:

“There’s a transformation in motoring in Australia and around the world and the move to EVs start here in Waverley and surrounds.”

Woollahra Mayor, Peter Cavanagh, said: “We want purchasing an EV to be a more viable option for people, and our councils are leading the way by providing handy charging locations.”

Randwick Mayor, Kathy Neilson added: “This project is an example of our shared determination and efforts to enact change at a local government level to help the environment for future generations,”

Charging stations are booked and paid for using the Chargefox app. Topping up will cost between 10- 25c/kWh, depending on the time of the day but is said to be cheaper than the cost of charging at home.

Funding for the project comes from the Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra’s Tri-Council Environment Program.

For more information, including charging instructions click here.