Toyota are known for their green stance, their leadership in the push toward lower emissions and for the Prius. Just think Clarkson and Greenies and you think of all the narking he did over the Prius.

Today, in 2021, Hybrid at Toyota dealers is in high demand, on everything from Corolla to Rav4 and more.

Fortunately Toyota isn’t putting all it’s eggs in that basket, today revealing the bZ4X Concept car, which is an example of a full Battery Electric Vehicle, and it’s coming to Australia.

The company claims there will be seven “bZ” models – with bZ meaning “Beyond Zero Emissions”, as part of the company’s push toward electrified powertrains.

That also includes the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mirai which launched in Australia at the opening of Victoria’s first Hydrogen refulling station.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said “Adding the first battery electric vehicle to our range builds on our approach of providing a variety of powertrain options, while reducing emissions. Further ‘bZ’ series vehicles will be considered and introduced as appropriate for Australia in due course, expanding Toyota’s electrified vehicle choices.

“Our approach reiterates Toyota Australia’s absolute commitment to reducing its CO2 footprint and the adoption of new technologies across our extensive range of vehicles, whilst recognising the different practical needs of Australian customers and geographies. Offering a number of powertrain choices to suit customer needs is essential.

“Globally, Toyota has more than 20 years of proven design and development experience in electrified powertrains.

“We will continue to evaluate the market in Australia and strive towards increasing to a powertrain mix that includes a form of electrification across our vehicle range by 2030, excluding GR and performance models,” Mr Hanley said.

By 2025 the company says it will have 70 modes of electrified vehicles, including 15 battery electric cars.