Teaching your kids about money used to involve a piggy bank and some coins for pocket money every week. But in 2019 where the school canteen takes tap and go, and cash is hardly king – theres a new form of financial literacy required.

A new payment option has launched today from a company that specialises in pre-paid credit cards is a new way to give your kids a fun payment option personalised to their needs.

As a parent, you are ordering a pre-paid mastercard for your kids. Theres no use of credit in any way – these are a more like a “debit” card – the parent loads it up and the kids spend it – it’s your money first. The official terminology is “pre-paid mastercard”.

Hopefully the kids are earning it before you top it up:)

It will cost you $11.20 to get started, the gets you a card from the ZAAP gallery of card designs.

A custom designed card, with a photo you upload, will cost $20 (plus GST and service fees) but lets be honest – that’s what the kids are going to want.

The real point of difference for Zaap though is their wearable payment option. For $20 more you get a payment band which can be worn on the wrist – plus there’s a small band you can attach to an existing watch.

It is pretty bloody cool.

Michelle Rowcliff, General Manager, Prepaid at Zenith Payments, said: “Teaching young Australians about the value of money is more important than ever in our increasingly cashless society. Our goal was to create a product that resonated with a digitally savvy generation.

“ZAAP – which is a pocket money product and financial literacy tool rolled into one – enables parents to have an ongoing and interactive conversation with their kids about money while also giving them peace of mind as it is safer than cash and kids can access funds at any time.”

The devil with all financial products is in the detail, but have ordered a personalised card for Jackson with Daniel Ricciardo and his Renault on it – so we will compare that to Spriggy the established player in this market and have a full review soon.