The official EFTM position on Lime scooters is that we love them, in certain cities. However, Lime has launched its new Gen 3 electric scooters ready to hit some streets of Australia.

photograpy by Kris Krug

Lime scooters has been here for a year and listened to feedback from those who’ve had the chance to use the Lime-S scooter series.

The Gen 3 upgrades including:

  • Increased battery life
  • Aluminium frame
  • 10-inch diameter wheels
  • Mountain bike-inspired front suspension
  • 2.8-inch colour display dashboard with new alert and notification settings
  • Increase in lifecycle of up to 6 months
  • Linux-powered tip detection system
  • Unexposed cabling and IP67 waterproofing

Lime’s APAC Director of Government Strategy, Mitchell Price said, “Lime is relentless in pushing the boundaries of innovation and will continue to iterate models and improve features based on rider and Juicer feedback to ensure we can offer the most comfortable, durable, and safest scooter on the market,”

“We can’t wait to introduce our premium Gen 3 scooter to Australia,”

“Lime’s commitment to safety is paramount and is demonstrated through the advanced qualities of our Gen 3, which is already incredibly popular in cities like Berlin.”

photograpy by Kris Krug

Lime has infiltrated Brisbane with its scooters, while Sydney still only allows the electric bikes.

Lime would like to bring the scooters to other cites but bypassing red tape and the usual hoops and hurdles is not easy. Mr Price continued, “We’re continuing to see positive uptake of our electric bikes in Sydney and scooters in Brisbane and hope to expand our service across Australia.”