Don’t lie – you sit there at your computer and you’re constantly looking at your phone and replying to texts or tweets or Instagram likes. You’re the perfect person to look at the new K580 Slim Multi-Device keyboard from Logitech.

This is in no where near the first multi-device keyboard from Logitech, but there’s a whole new more contemporary and slim look to this wireless keyboard.

Damian Lepore from Logitech knows it “We know you create content using multiple devices in the modern workspace, so we’ve created the K580, a new type of keyboard for better multitasking,”

“Start typing on your computer, then switch to respond to a message on your phone — which can be placed in the built-in phone cradle.”

The top of the keyboard has a channel where your mobile phone can sit, in either portrait or landscape mode.

Keys on the K580 will feel natural and very laptop-like but are ultra-quiet too.

Worried about battery life on a wireless keyboard? Don’t. 24 months battery life here!

Cracking product, available now – you’re looking at $79.95.