When your brand name includes the numbers 360 there’s a bit of an expectation that your cameras will be 360 degree jobs. Not so with the latest from Insta360.

The Insta360 we know is a small portable 360 degree camera which plugs right into your smartphone for some great social sharing of 360 degree recordings and images.

Today they’ve announced something very different. The Insta360 GO – they’re calling it the “World’s Smallest Stabilised Camera”.

Think GoPro for portability and action recording – but shrink it – lots.

It weighs just 18.3 grams, and measures under 5cm wide.

The GO is designed to be “worn” – Clipped onto a shirt, or a cap, or a headband, and of course there will be a bunch of accessories too.

Simplicity is key – press a button once records a clip for up to 30 seconds. Press again and it stops.

Insta360 calls their stabilisation FlowState – and there’s no doubt that with competition from GoPro and lately DJI and their Osmo Action – if you’re going to make a mini camera for personal video you have to have stabilisatixton.

Next up for simplicity is editing. Insta360 are including “FlashCut Auto Editing” which uses “AI” to choose the best shots and combine them into an edit. Not a new idea, but again – important if you are competing in this space.

It’s not quite your underwater camera though, IPX4 means splashes and underwater for 10 seconds only.

Memory wise, there’s enough for 200 clips in a day’s action.

As with previous Insta360 products, it connects directly to your phone for grabbing those videos.

It’s going to drop in the US for $199, so expect it to top out close to or a touch over $299 in Australia with our dollar the way it is.