The planets have aligned if 1. You own a 5G phone 2. You love AFL. 3. You’re headed to the MCG this Saturday for the AFL Grand Final and 4. You’re a Telstra customer. Ericsson, is installing 5G into the MCG for the big match.

This will allow for the best mobile experience in any stadium in the country. At the 2018 AFL Grand Final 3.8 terabytes of data was consumed over the Telstra’s mobile network at the MCG. For perspective that’s about 1,200 of HD video content.

However mere mortals with 4G phones should still benefit from the installation of the latest technologies.

But what about us up south, how will our Dictator Trevor Long cope with his four 5G phones in the comfort of a corporate box at the NRL Grand Final?

Is ANZ Stadium just a suburban oval these days?