One of Apples announcements last week in light of the new iPhone were a range of new cases, including Clear Cases for the first time!

About time! They make stunning looking phones and the colours are as much a statement of your purchase as anything else – why cover it up with a dark or leather case.

So Apple has a Clear Case goes on sale this week alongside the iPhone 11. But should you buy one?

At $65 – no.

Moshi has their vitros range and have had for a while, coming to iPhone 11 and it will be $39.95. A big saving.

So maybe the Apple Case is better? Well, it is a touch clearer – the Moshi has fine dots on the inside which take a very very small amount of the transparency away. And it is a very different material.

And this is actually, aside from the price – the reason I would buy the Moshi.

Apples case is rigid, hard plastic. Moshi – while solid, is flexible and bendable. You probably do not think you need that in day to day use because the case is on the phone, but in fact – it matters.

To push the side buttons of the iPhone with the Apple Clear Case takes effort. With the Moshi vitros, it is light touch easy.

So, save your money, get a better case – get the Moshi vitros.