Announced at CES in January we’ve been waiting for this one to arrive – Hisense’s mega sized 100 inch Laser TV.

That’s big. Like, impressively big.

When it’s off – it’s a big grey box on the wall, that box is actually not a bit of technology requiring power because this isn’t your traditional TV.

A “Laser TV” is actually a short-throw projector, but the quality and technology is something impressive.

Using a dual-laser technology Hisense are able to shoot a very bright picture on the screen, and that screen is all part of the package.

It’s not as bright as an LCD display – no doubt in my mind, but there’s no glare on the screen so it’s a very consistent viewing experience.

Most of that is down to the screen itself. High tech banding within the screen deflects any outside light sources like your ceiling lighting and allow you only to see the colour beamed onto the screen by the Hisense Laser TV console.

It’s like a normal Hisense TV too – running the same operating system, with 4 HDMI ports, a TV tuner and all that stuff.

The speakers are on board plus a sub-woofer on the floor, and all of this, including the screen are delivered and installed in your home as part of the purchase price.

And that’s where the pinch happens. $19,999.

Sounds steep, and it is. But track down a Samsung 88 inch Series 9 QLED and the RRP is $29,999. Wait till you hear the pricing for the big sized LG TVs to come.

So as strange as this sounds, twenty grand for a 100 inch TV is a cracking price.

It’s not a normal TV. But if Hisense continue to invest in this technology over the years ahead, this may be – as they describe it – the only way they do TVs of this size.

Made for Aussie lounge rooms, this screen will impress your mates. If you’ve got an ultra bright room I do worry if it will cope or be the same experience.

IT’s on sale at the end of this month at JB HiFi, Harvey Norman and The Good Guys.