Making whisky is a science long mastered by distilleries around the world – getting that perfect blend of flavours isn’t something that just happens, people! But only Elements of Islay wears whisky’s scientific background on the bottle.

The Scotch has been available in Australia for about two years now, distributed through Baranows Emporium, but is still only just spreading awareness in the local market. The range is a collection of single malt cask blends, with each blend bottled in individual batches from somewhere between five and 20 different casks.

But the most striking thing about the Elements of Islay brand is its design, with an emphasis on the scientific. Each bottle looks like it came from a medical lab, while the predominant “element” symbol gives the distinct impression that there’s more to the whisky than your average blend.

The elemental approach to the drink also differentiates it from other scotches on the market – there are no vintages or age statements on the Elements of Islay blends, and every blend is bottled at full proof. Each element illustrates a whisky from a different distillery on the Scottish island of Islay, including Ardberg, Bruichladdich and Laphroaig.