Millions of Aussie homes have a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device and we know the primary usage of them is to play music. With the launch of a new range of smart home products today perhaps that will switch to lights and more very soon.

“Hey Google, Turn on the lights” is the ideal usage for Google – sure, it seems lazy, but a connected light could save you money, automating it switching off when the sun’s up or you leave home.

The same applies to a huge range of products, and this new range called “Connect Smart Home” brings an exhaustive list of products to a big-name retail store at affordable prices.

The entire range will be available from Harvey Norman, with prices in many cases 30% lower than the established smart home brands in our checks.

It’s all coming from Aussie company Laser who have created the entire range, and also a companion app which looks slick and is easy to use.

When linked to Google Home or Amazon Alexa you unleash full automation and voice control with ease.

There are heaps of light globes, in every connection style and size from standard bulbs to downlights, as well as a security range including cameras, doorbells and sensors, while for your Iron, Christmas lights there’s the trusty smart plugs and a very cool power board.

Plus, there’s the curtain rail for smart control of your window dressings!

32 products in total. It’s a pretty impressive launch.

At a time when the smart home industry is on the precipice of taking off and smart speakers are quickly becoming the centrepiece of many homes, Australian consumers are now looking for more variety and affordability in this space,” said Managing Director Chris Lau.

As an established Australian brand, we are well positioned to enter this category with a new and exciting brand that will provide customers with affordable options in creating their connected home. Add in strong local support, product warranties and full compliance to local standards, and consumers do not have to be tempted by online goods coming in from overseas where they don’t know what they will be getting in either product performance or safety.

And the range will be in all Harvey Norman stores and online with Glen Gregory from Harvey Norman exited by the launch “With an increasing number of consumers interested in adopting the smart home trend, we’re excited to be the exclusive launch partner for the new CONNECT SmartHome range. Providing consumers with a wide range of products and starter bundles, the range makes it easier for beginners and early adopters alike to adopt the technology or expand on their set-up,”

“With a team of trained experts in-store to provide advice and a great in-store experience, it also ensures a seamless integration into the home.

We’ve tested a range of products to create some smart home scenes, and the app is easy to use, and the Google Home integration smooth.

Here’s the full range coming to Harvey Norman:

CONNECT SmartHome Security – Doorbells

The CONNECT Security Doorbell is IP65 certified, it features built-in motion detection, two-way communication, app alert notifications with HD resolution and can be powered via hardwire as well as battery.

  • Smart Doorbell with Camera: CSH-CAMDBB– RRP $129

CONNECT SmartHome Security – Indoor Cameras

Available in 2 resolutions, standard and HD, both of CONNECT’s indoor cameras deliver built-in motion detection, two-way communication and app alert notifications. The higher-end Smart 360 option delivers pan and tilt features, enabling consumers to control the camera from their mobile phone while capturing footage.

  • Smart Camera: CSH-IPCAM – RRP $99
  • Smart 360 Pan & Tilt Camera: CSH-360IPC – RRP $129

CONNECT SmartHome Security – Outdoor Cameras

  • Smart Outdoor Floodlight: CSH-ODCAM – RRP $199
  • Smart Outdoor Floodlight: CSH-FLDLCAM – RRP $249

CONNECT SmartHome Lighting – Globes

CONNECT’s range of smart lighting options offer a comprehensive range which covers all Australian household light fittings. Available in different connection types, wattage output as well as white or coloured (RGB). The globes can be switched on/off and dimmed using the free CONNECT SmartHome App or on any compatible smart device.

  • 10W Smart Bulb (white): CSH-E27WW10W (WHITE E27), CSH-B22WW10W (WHITE B22) – RRP $19
  • 10W Smart Bulb (RGB): CSH-E27RGB10W (RGB E27), CSH-B22RGB10W (RGB B22) – RRP $29
  • 5W Smart Bulb (white): CSH-E14WW5W (WHITE E14) – RRP $19
  • 5W Smart Bulb (RGB): CSH-E14RGB5W (RGB E14) – RRP $29

CONNECT SmartHome Lighting – Downlights

Available in 5W and 10W options for white or red/green/blue lights.

  • 5W Smart Downlight (white)(GU10 / GU5.3): CSH-GU10WW5W(WHITE GU10), CSH-GU53WW5W (WHITE GU5.3) – RRP $29
  • 5W Smart Downlight (RGB)(GU10 / GU5.3): CSH-GU10RGB5W (RGB GU10), CSH-GU53RGB5W (RGB GU5.3) – RRP $49
  • 10W Smart Downlight (white) 240v socket attachment: CSH-240WW10W– RRP $49
  • 10W Smart Downlight (RGB) 240v socket attachment: CSH-240RGB10W – RRP $69

CONNECT SmartHome Lighting – Party & Strip Lights

Versatile options for all lighting needs are available and include IP65 certified party lights and 5 metre long strip lights. Both come with party mode settings, 16,000,000 colour adjusting RGB lights.

  • Smart Outdoor Festoon Lights, 240v socket attachment: CSH-FSTN12 – RRP $149
  • 5M Smart LED Strip: CSH-STP5LED – $99

CONNECT SmartHome Power Range

Both coming with overload protection, CONNECT’s power range options come with 2 or 4 USB charging ports and 1 or 6 separately controlled plug points. The innovative Smart Plug plugs into a regular wall output and makes it easy to control home electronics, such as an electric heater, coffee machine or hair straightener. Also in the range are electrician installable smart light switches and powerpoints.

  • Smart Plug with 2 x USB: CSH-PLGUSB – RRP $29
  • Smart 6 Outlet Powerboard with 3x USB: CSH-PWB3USB– RRP $99
  • Smart PowerPoint (requires electrician install): CSH-SNGPPT (Single) – RRP $49
  • Smart Light Switch (requires electrician install): CSH-SWTCH1(1 Gang) – RRP $39, CSH-SWTCH2 (2 Gang) – RRP $49, CSH-SWTCH3 (3 Gang) – RRP $59

CONNECT SmartHome – Home and Garden Range

As more consumers are interested in using their smart device to control electrical appliances like TVs and air conditioners, the CONNECT SmartHome Smart IR Remote connects via Wi-Fi and allows users to control infrared appliances via your smartphones or tablets.

  • Universal Smart IR Remote – CSH-IRREM – RRP $49.95
  • Universal Smart IR Remote with Temperature and Humidity Sensor – CSH-IRTEMHU – RRP $69.95

Providing a simple way to create your own sanctuary at home, the Smart Diffuser allows you to freshen up your home with or without essential oils.

  • Smart diffuser – CSH-DIFF300 – RRP $99.95

Open or close your curtains automatically or at the press of a button using our Smart Curtain Rail Kit. Easy to install, it is a motorised remote-control curtain track which works with an IR remote control or a timer wall-switch.

  • Smart curtain rail kit – CSH-BLNDKIT2M – RRP $299.95