As I sat waiting for my Uber Eats to arrive – an Email from Uber Eats arrived that guaranteed my business for some time to come. John Farnham has fronted a new Uber Eats commercial.

Now, I’ve just got back from Japan, where I ate just one meal. So the Chicken Schnitty from Chargrilled Charlies was really really overdue.

Anyway, Uber Eats has done some pretty funny ads over recent years, Hamish and Andy probably the best of the bunch. This one is right up there.

Jimmy Barnes (Barnsey) and John Farnham (Farnsy) are joined by Anh Do who gets the nickname “Anhsy”.

That’s pretty much it – clearly, Anh isn’t a musician, so he adds nothing to the “band” – but we get to hear a bit of Barnsey and Farnsey vocals so I’m all good with it.

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