Before you get all excited about how crazy big this laptop might be, relax. In fact Apple has just added a tiny bit of extra bulk to their largest MacBook Pro and made it the new gold standard with the 15 inch MacBook now no longer part of the range.

By my calculations, the new MacBook Pro 16 is 8mm wider, 5mm deeper, and less than a millimetre thicker than the outgoing MacBook Pro 15.

The screen is actually only 0.6 inches bigger because the “15-inch MacBook Pro” was in fact a 15.4 incher:)

Weighing in about 130 grams heavier – no-one is going to notice that.

So, with all that hysteria aside – this is the new on the go workhorse for video and app design professionals.

It now has Dolby Atmos Sound, beamforming microphones, a longer battery life by about an hour, and a 3072 x 1920 resolution screen.

Oh, and an Escape key. That touchbar is here to stay, but Apple has listened to the frustrations of users and made the left hand side a permanent ESC key – as well as adding a reverse T shaped arrow pad – the keyboard is king.

Prices start at $3,799 and with processor and RAM specs ramped up you could get that to $6,000 easily without even looking at the internal storage options.

It’s a pro machine, with a pro pricetag.

Available now.