It’s hardly a shock, but new research from Boost Mobile shows that over a third of Aussies reckon that if their phone didn’t work for a day, it would ruin their day.

Didn’t really need a survey to tell you that, though to be honest, the number surprised me, I would have thought it was higher than that.

Because Boost Mobile is a youth-focused brand they asked a few more questions. For example, 50 per cent of Aussies would give up coffee before their mobile phone – 30 per cent would give up chocolate before giving up their phone.

Not me – no way!

Bottom line, we value our phones- a LOT.

Another important factor is coverage, with 62 per cent of Aussies considering a trip to the beach, and 39 per cent heading bush. Boost, of course, runs on the Telstra network and that’s well known to offer the best coverage outside the major capitals.

With holidays a big feature of our mindset right now, data is king because we’re going to want data for streaming, messaging and photo uploads.

Boost founder Peter Adderton says Boost is all about offering Value “Boost Mobile has been seeking to find the best value for our customers, delighting them by providing more data, more coverage and more choice. As Australians prepare for their Summer rituals, holidays and road trips, including many leaving the urban sprawl for some time away from home, geographic network coverage and keeping them connected, becomes even more critical. Not all SIM’s are created equal, it’s what’s inside that counts.

“Boost Mobile customers can have peace of mind that as they set off on their adventures, Anytime Plus plan inclusions mean that no matter where Boost Mobile customers choose to holiday, play, party or chill, they can be confident they will have data for all their streaming and social sharing and more coverage than any other mobile network,” he added.

Over the summer Boost is offering a 15GB data bonus for the first 3 recharges for new customers – on their $70 recharge that would be 80GB of data for 28 days!

Down the other end, $30 recharge will get you 35GB of data. Solid stuff.