Do you listen to the radio? I am sure you tune in for some news or traffic but more and more people are listening to Spotify or their favourite Podcast.

People are not watching free to air TV anywhere as much as they used to and even live sport such as Grand Finals had fewer viewers this year.

Newspapers have become brochure thick and are struggling to be relevant and magazines are now almost all owned by one company as no one else wants to take the risk with publishing.

Counter to this we have access to more information faster than we ever have had and people have their faces in their phones at any spare moment.

Social media has become the new truth and is like a drug that you don’t really want but cannot give up.  Content is king and sites like EFTM is delivering relevant content and cut out all the stuff we don’t want.  The humble podcast, a person with a microphone in a non-descript room, has again changed peoples lives as everything they listen to is either liked or skipped for the next piece of content.  Take the EFTM podcast, a couple of blokes having a chat each week about their weeks and we hang off every word.  Anyone not interested in tech, cars and lifestyle is probably over on the ABC conversations podcast.  Think about Hamish and Andy, no radio show but one of the leading podcasts.  (Doug Mulray you were way before your time)

Streaming video whether Netflix or YouTube has almost reached the inflection point that on any particular night more video is consumed online than free to air.  The distinct advantage here is you watch what you want.  Interesting I even find myself binging free to air content I have recorded, so long gone are the days I had to wait for next week’s episode, now I wait for next season.

Two observations from the LifeStyler this week:

  1.  People don’t seem to think anymore.  Maybe when in the shower or swimming but it would appear we are connected all the time.  Thus will we lose some of our creativity as a race as we do not spend enough time thinking?
  2. We choose what to consume when we want to consume and on demand.  This is great because we can tailor our content consumption to exactly what we want and are interested in.  So my thinking here, is there even a future for old media such as radio, free to air tv or newspapers?  Will we also end up limiting our horizons just like Trevor Long does, believing there is no other music other than Farnsy.

Let us know what you think?