The video game industry, inclusive of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, released a unifying set of principles for esports engagement today. The core principles, which you could almost describe as a moral compass cover safety, well-being, integrity and fair play, respect and diversity, and positive and enriching game play.

Esports is just massive and growing at a lunatic pace. This includes not just players, but viewership and massive sponsorship coin. In 2019, according to Newzoo research, global esports viewership is expected to hit nearly 500 million and revenues are expected to exceed $1 billion USD.

As a result this once fringe, underground hobby desperately needs to get its act together. Just the other day I reported on the role Trend Micro is playing when it comes to cybersecurity and esports.

The following is a Statement from Video Game Industry Associations:

“Our esports community includes the game publishers and intellectual property owners whose games are at the core of the esports ecosystem as well as the players, teams, and tournament organizers who bring this vibrant community to life. As members of this community, we created these guiding principles to foster an esports environment that is vibrant, engaging, fair and fun for everyone. As esports continues to grow, collectively we support an ecosystem of play that can be enjoyed by all members of the community – from international competitions to local community events.

We believe values of respect, diversity, safety, integrity, and fair play should be the foundation upon which positive and enriching esports communities are built. It is our sincere hope that others in the esports community will join us today in welcoming our universal esports principles and affirming belief in an open and inclusive esports environment.”

Universal Esports Principles can be found here.