When the NBN announced a review of wholesale pricing there were immediately some expectations that prices should fall for consumers.

The plans are different, the speeds change for uploads, but for most consumers what matters is how much data can I get and how fast can I get it.

Aussie Broadband has today revealed new plans which feature the new 100/20 NBN plans. These result in a maximum 100Mbps download (typically 85Mbps in the real-world) and a 20Mbps upload.

That upload speed is half what it was until now on the 100/40 plan – but I’d argue most users wouldn’t notice upload speeds in daily use.

“This option has half the upload speed but it’s more than 10 percent cheaper than the current 100/40 plan, coming in at $89,” said Phil Britt from Aussie Broadband.

That’s why these new plans are appealing.

Essentially a $10 per month saving for the fastest downloads, and unlimited data.

If you’re paying $99 a month already for the 100/40 plan, bump down your upload speed and for the same money you’ll get a Fetch Mini box included for streaming, movies and pay TV channels.

For those with the full fibre solution (FttP) you also now have a 250/25 speed plan for $169, that’s not yet available for FttC or HFC connections.

Time to start looking at that monthly spend folks, see what you can save.

Aussie’s boss Phil Britt says there’s no need to change if you don’t want to “Because of the way NBN is now charging on wholesale bundles, we are dropping our “slider” plans that allowed customers to choose their data in very small increments,” he said.

At the same time, Aussie has removed the “slider” which allowed users to choose a custom data level on their plan – returning to a simple click and choose option

“Sliders will no longer be available with the new plans, but they will be grandfathered so that customers currently on a slider plan can still slide their data up and down as needed,” he said.

“Most of our plans will now have data offerings of 100GB, 500GB or unlimited.”