Cop that courier companies, there’s a new sheriff in town, Amazon are seeking Aussie drivers to start delivering their online shopping.

This is like Uber taking on the cabs, with everyday people starting to earn cash driving random strangers around, now those same drivers and many more can apply to Amazon to become Amazon Flex drivers.

Be your own boss, earn more money in your free time is the selling point, but driving all over town will be the outcome.

Using more cars on the road to deliver orders from Amazon’s distribution centres to customers will likely speed up deliveries, and in time allow Amazon to better estimate deliveries and allow customers to better track deliveries.

All you need to do is sign up, complete a background check, prove you’ve got insurance on your car and then choose the times you’d like to be out on the road.

Craig Fuller from Amazon Australia says “Amazon Flex puts delivery partners in the driver’s seat, enabling them to earn extra money with the flexibility to choose their own scheduleWith visibility of how much they will be paid for a block before they accept it, delivery partners ensure their time on the road is well spent,” 

“We are always looking at new ways to deliver convenience to customers. As customer demand and delivery needs continue to grow in Australia, Amazon Flex gives us the agility to supplement the work we do with our existing carrier partners so we can speed up delivery times and respond to peaks in demand. At Amazon we work backwards from the customer and, with our team of innovators, Amazon Flex give us the flexibility over time to unlock customer delivery benefits we haven’t even thought of yet.”

It’s a whole new world – the “Gig economy” offering many ways to make cash. Let’s see how it rolls out – the one thing customers don’t want are parcels thrown on the porch, or not left at all.