Despite well publicised issues in launching new smartphones with Android running Google Services currently, Huawei is continuing to support their older models announcing a rollout of EMUI 10, based on Android 10, to a selection of phones in Australia.

The rollout is set to begin this month and continue through March to 14 Huawei devices across the Huawei P30 Series, Mate 20 Series and Y9 Prime across Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

The rollout of EMUI 10 brings a number of features to Huawei handsets including improved performance, Dark Mode, a new ‘natural’ interface and more, with Huawei listing the top features included as:

  • Redesigned natural interface:Design elements across the UI have been consolidated to streamline the navigation experience and create a consistent look. The UI has also been designed with improved animations for more natural responses.
  • Dark Mode:Huawei has re-engineered dark mode to ensure maximum eye-comfort thanks to a colour-adjusting algorithm that creates the optimal text to background contrast.Increased security: All security sensitive functions like payments and authentications occur on an isolated and protected environment within the operating system.
  • Enhanced performance: The Deterministic Latency Engine optimises resource-allocation for consistent software performance, and the upgraded GPU Turbo delivers improved graphic processing and battery performance.
  • Multi-screen collaboration: EMUI 10 smartphones can be tethered seamlessly to Huawei PCs, allowing the smartphone to be controlled within the EMUI Desktop app — even without Wi-Fi. Files can be dropped between devices and messages can be controlled via the PC’s keyboard.

While still subject to change, Huawei has listed the expected rollout details for each model in Australia:

P30 Pro (except Telstra, Optus and Vodafone)
P30 (except Optus and Vodafone)
Mate 20 Pro (except Optus and Vodafone)
Mate 20 (except Vodafone),
Porsche Design Mate 20 Pro
Nova 5t
P30 Pro (including Telstra, Optus & Vodafone)
P30 (including Optus & Vodafone)
Mate 20 Pro (including Optus & Vodafone), Mate 20 (including Vodafone),
P20 Pro
Mate 10 Pro (except Optus)
Mate 10 (except Vodafone)
Porsche design Mate 10 Pro
Porsche design Mate 10
Y9 Prime
P30 lite
Mate 10 Pro (including Optus)
Mate 10 (including Vodafone)

Larking Huang, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer in Australia said, We are excited to bring Huawei’s most refined EMUI release to our Australian customers. EMUI 10 takes user experience to another level with largescale redesigns and subtle but important enhancements throughout. This latest update is the quintessential version of EMUI, reflecting all we have learnt over the past seven years.

Huawei users should see a prompt to download and install the latest update as soon as it’s available, or you can manually go to Settings > System > Software Update to check for updates.