Think of as many traditional uses for the stamp as you can. A whole lot have been made obsolete due to evolving technologies being more efficient and secure – but that isn’t to say they’re all gone. One of my personal favourites is the classic loyalty card, buy 9 coffees and get your 10th free. They’re also most certainly still used by the legal fraternity and regularly in filing systems the world over.

The question raised by the team at BYSTAMP was how the traditional stamp could be made better? They’ve answered with KEYMO.

It’s being called the world’s first e-Stamp for mobile devices and it’s being aimed at professionals. For lack of a better term, KEYMO is a digital signature of a simpler variety. The device is incredibly compact, works offline and has a surprisingly wide range of use cases.

For example, KEYMO has traceability and logging capabilities – which as they explained can be used by a nurse to create a fully authenticated logbook of a patients medication, including time taken, etc. Similarly by an engineer or technician to verify whether or not a maintenance job was being completed. Gone are the days of the forge-able maintenance book.

It’s works as easily as opening up the appropriate app and tapping the small KEYMO device against your phone screen.

As a caffeine addict and regular cafe attendant, I would absolutely love for my loyalty cards to take a digital form. With the introduction of digital licenses and payment methods, wallets are on the way out. I might be the odd one out but I have about 6 individual stamp loyalty cards in my wallet at any given time.

The widespread introduction of e-Stamps such as KEYMO would arguably be a nail in the coffin for physical cards – we’ve conquered just about everything else.

A life-size version of the KEYMO is roughly the size of lipstick,

We’re eagerly waiting to hear more about their international offerings and just how long it’ll be before similar products sweep the globe. Watch this space.