PawaMini is a biodegradeable, single-use battery pack that might just save your bacon in an emergency. We’ve all been in the situation when your phone dies unexpectedly and that little extra bit of battery life would make all the difference. Whether it’s a long day of work, out an event or otherwise you’ve simply forgotten to charge it overnight.

The device holds an 1800mAh charge, which on average would be about half of your phones normal battery life. Their sold both individually and in two packs, both iPhone and USB-C (new Android) versions are available.

The PawaMini is the type of product that would be perfectly stocked in supermarkets, petrol stations and vending machines. A cheap, quick hit of power when you’re out and about.

It’s also important to remember that in 2020, we’re beginning to understand just how much damage single-use plastics and devices are doing to our environment, which is why the PawaMini has a biodegradable shell. It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket and waterproof!

Now you can stock up on these bad boys and keep them in your glovebox or backpack as they have a 3-year shelf life. They currently retail for ~$5 USD.

A great little product that is still rolling out throughout the US and will hopefully coming to our shores this year! Keep your eyes open for the PawaMini.