We bloody love our cars here in Australia – so much so, your choice in car could be a very clear sign of your personality type too!

But it’s not just that, we’re sticklers for our cars and how we like our drive.

Allianz Insurance has done a bunch of research – asking over a thousand Aussies about their car habits and the results might just resonate with you.

Are you one of the 55 percent of Aussies who won’t let the passenger change the radio, music or air conditioning settings?

More than half of us take as much care of their car as they do their home (Flipsy!), when it comes to snacking in the car, women are more likely to allow eating in the car than men, while it’s the choice of car that really gets interesting.

Men tend to rate style and performance as more important than women. Go figure:)

Egomaniacs and the Vain among us are likely to prefer a red car, while the more conscientious among us will choose Silver – and it’s probably going to be a Kia or Hyundai.

Nick Adams, Chief Market Manager at Allianz Australia, said: “We understand just how much Australian’s love their cars and recognise the important role they play in everyday life. Perhaps what we didn’t realise was just how much of yourself is reflected in your car choices.

“Whatever your situation – whether you’re a parent with three kids, a young university student, or someone just trying to get from A to B – the research proves that our cars do in fact say a lot about our character, as well as our lifestyle”

Here’s where it gets interesting though. What does your CHOICE of car style say about your personality – here’s the complete guide according to Allianz:

Performance; a preference for acceleration, power and high-top speed

You are highly social, influential and have strong opinions. You likely don’t have kids and when it comes to the car you drive, good acceleration, power and speed are very important. You’re not cheap and are willing to pay more for higher performance and prefer convertibles; station wagons are definitely not your first choice. You appreciate a little more control over what goes on in your car and don’t let passengers change the aircon and music, but you do allow pets and singing.

Technology; a preference for modern technology such as rear cameras

You are motivated, social and full of energy. You most likely have kids and like to keep up with the latest technology. When you are looking for a new car, getting the latest tech is one of your priorities and you’re willing to spend more to get it. You prefer large SUVs and don’t like station wagons.

Recreation; a preference for recreation-friendly car features such as offroad capability

You are outgoing, young, probably don’t have kids and prefer to spend your income having fun on the weekend. You prefer a car that can go anywhere and is ideal for recreation and you’d much rather four-wheel drives, large SUVs or utes than sedans. You have no problem with people eating in the car and you don’t mind passengers taking control of the music and aircon.

Safe and Reliable; a preference for safe and reliable cars with good reputations

You are kind, responsible and getting older. You probably have a couple of kids, love life and when it comes to your car, you want something that is safe, reliable and has a good reputation. You don’t have a preference for manufacturers, but small SUVs are your preferred body-type. You don’t like pets in your car and don’t let people eat or sing but you’re happy to have the windows down.

Economical; a preference for cars with lost cost price, fuel economy, low maintenance cost, high retained value

You are reliable, enthusiastic and care about others. You can worry sometimes but you’re future-looking and financially smart. When you’re looking for a new car you want something with good value for money, fuel economy and high retained value and don’t care much about the type of car, including body type.

Family Friendly; a preference for large, family friendly cars/car features

You are a young parent and might not always be as responsible or organised as you’d like to be. When it comes to your car, you like to have all your bases covered for your family’s needs and prefer a larger vehicle with plenty of boot space like a large SUV or four-wheel drive. You definitely don’t mind if people eat in your car and are happy for passengers to sing and control the aircon and music.

Conventional; a preference for cars with automatic transmission and 4 doors

You are responsible, prefer stability and like to plan ahead. You can overthink things sometimes but when it comes to your car, you keep things conventional and prefer an automatic with four doors. Sedans and SUVs are your preference and utilities are a definite no-go. You like to keep things tidy and in control, so no eating, singing or pets allowed.

Practical; a preference for cars that are easy to use and practical

You are level-headed, creative and dependable. You are getting older and likely have a couple of kids. You don’t care too much about the type of car you drive, aren’t willing to spend big on it and prefer something practical and easy to use. Station wagons are your first choice. You aren’t overly occupied with maintaining your car and might give it a wash and service every now and then.

Old School; a preference for classic car elements such as 8-cylinder engine, manual transmission, exhaust with good tone, and rear wheel drive

You are young and more interested in doing what you want rather than worrying about being responsible or caring what others think. When it comes to your car, you want something more old school with rear wheel drive, manual transmission, more cylinders and a nice sounding exhaust. You care about your car and are willing to spend time and money maintaining it. You’re a relaxed driver and are happy to have singing, eating and windows down but not pets.

Luxury; a preference for luxury features such as heated seats

You are social, trendsetting, educated and young. The type of car you own is important to you and you’re willing to spend a little more for luxury additions like heated seats. You prefer convertibles and large SUVs and are willing to spend time and money maintaining it.

Fashion and Head Turning; a preference for ‘in fashion’, popular and head turning cars

You are young, probably don’t have kids and have higher education. The type of car you drive is very important to you, you have a higher than average income, and you’re willing to spend it on your car. You prefer something that is wellknown, fashionable and is likely to turn heads. You mostly go for sedans and convertibles. You care about your car and are willing to spend time and money maintaining it