You can’t stop progress folks, and why the bloody hell would you when it means the great Australian dream of a road trip to anywhere continues even in an electric vehicle future.

Independent of any one manufacturer, Aussie company ChargeFox has built out Australia’s largest EV charging network, with huge numbers of sites all around the country.

The next evolution of that is to upgrade and continue to expand, with the upgrade allowing ultra-fast charging for the time conscious.

Two new Ultra-rapid Chargefox locations have just switched on, one in Tasmania on the Southern outskirts of Launceston, the other in Keith, South Australia.

Keith is located almost half-way from Horsham or Mount Gambier to Adelaide, so while it’s a sleepy little stop-over, it’s benefiting from the EV race, with plenty of cars dropping in for a charge – it’s also where Tesla’s Supercharger network is located.

The Ultra-Fast charging network allows around 400km of range to be added in 15 minutes, and it’s all powered by Renewables so you’re staying green.

That assumes your EV is capable of that rate of charge, another variable in this new world of EV cars.

Marty Andrews, Chargefox CEO, said, “We decided to continue our roll out of Australia’s largest EV charging network in Keith, as it’s one of many charging stations we plan to open to connect Melbourne and Adelaide. The location gives EV drivers the chance to quickly and easily charge, no matter where their final destination is.”

“The Keith charging station is the first of two South Australian charging stations, with the second planned to open in greater Adelaide later this year. This means the drive from Melbourne to Adelaide in an EV will be seamless and easy.”

The Keith location is also a partnership with South Australia’s road-side assist organisation the RAA, with their Mobility Technology Specialist Mark Borlace saying he was excited by the launch “It’s most definitely a groundbreaking event – this will be the first fast charger in country South Australia, and the fastest charger in the state.’’ he said.

“It’s akin to the opening of the first petrol bowser outside of Adelaide. The Keith ultra-rapid charger will make a trip between Adelaide and Melbourne a reality for owners of most modern EVs.’’

Bring on the road trips folks!