Arlo are expanding their range of home security products in Australia with the introduction of the new Arlo Video Doorbell.

This doorbell is designed to show a bit more than existing video doorbells on the market with its camera designed specifically for a head to toe shot of whoever is at your door.

Rather than a wide angle of the left and right of the door, Arlo focussed on the full range ensuring you can see the parcel at their feet or the hat on their head.

With HD Video and clear two way audio for conversations with the person at the door, the Arlo Video Doorbell is ready to really improve that front door security and greeting experience.

Plus, as part of the Arlo family, the Video Doorbell can provide intelligent alerts as to what it sees, from people, to packages, animals or vehicles.

The first Arlo Video Doorbell will not be battery powered, it’s designed to be hard-wired either as new, or replacing an existing doorbell which is hard wired.

Brad Little from Arlo says the “Arlo Video Doorbell has been engineered to have advance alert and picture quality features in order to help homeowners identify and engage with visitors even before they knock on the door,”

“We went beyond industry standards to create a solution that ensures visitors are never missed, with a fuller vertical field-of-view users are able
to see more from their front door.”

The whole thing works – like other Arlo products – using your smartphone, so when someone presses the doorbell the Arlo app opens up to show you who’s there and you can have a simple voice chat with them.

If you have existing Arlo products you can use other cameras to work in concert with the doorbell to record motion as it happens.

Arlo Video Doorbell should be available in the coming weeks from major retailers for $289.