If you’re struggling with room for the kids to do their schoolwork at home during these crazy times of COVID-19 one Aussie dad might just have created the solution.

Forget letting the kids take over the kitchen table, get them their own desk!

Sounds crazy expensive, and if you’ve been to an office furniture store lately you’ll know it’s also hard to find one.

So, Benn Murphy from Clarke Murphy Print came up with the idea of a put-it-together-yourself desk made from firm and strong cardboard.

It goes together in ten minutes like a jigsaw puzzle and is durable enough to support all the things the kids need when schooling from home.

“I couldn’t buy a desk anywhere because everything was sold out so within seven days we created Build-A-Desk, a lightweight durable product that’s made from all Australian products and is 100 percent recyclable,” said Mr Murphy.

“You don’t even need an allen key to put it together.”

And this isn’t just about getting desks to people who need them – it’s about keeping Aussies in jobs – “It’s not only made life easier at home but also in the workplace because by creating this new product I’ve been able to keep my 65 staff in a job during COVID-19,” he said.

“…when I couldn’t find a desk for home schooling and neither could many of my colleagues and friends, we designed one to ensure families can have it in their home within 48 hours. 

“We sourced the materials from Lithgow and it is manufactured in our warehouse in Chatswood and comes in two colours – white and kraft.”

“We’ve also made them educational with some desks having timetables, the alphabet and even a measuring ruler on them to help make learning fun.” 

Cracking idea, really well done, and hey, when things calm down, if you don’t need it anymore – it’s recyclable!

The desks are 1200 wide, 780 high and 600mm deep.

They cost from $149 and will be delivered to most areas within 48 hours.

Web: Build-A-Desk